Australian Windsurfing

Australian Windsurfing

NOW, is a good time to confirm that your Australian Windsurfing sail number is current. Not assigned to someone else, about to expire (to be culled next July), or available for reassignment. The later 2 scenarios can be fixed by rejoining an AWA affiliated State Windsurfing Association or affiliated club. see Sail Number Chart
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For event eligibility, check your Membership Status. If your name is missing, check/complain to your State Association or AWA Rep. Like the sail number register, we will try to keep the list current.

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The calendar lists all the 2018/2019 nationals

T293 Rippers
NSW Rippers Windsurfing Series 2018-19

Pan Pacific Masters Games 2018
Windsurfing at Paradise Point Sailing, Gold Coast - QLD
November 06-08 (Registration on Mon 5th) 2018
web link - for more information

Wavesailing Nationals

DownunderPro 2019
Oceanic Windsurf Foil Championship 2018-19
Woollahra Sailing Club, Rose Bay NSW, Australia
Dec 13, 2018 - Dec 15, 2018

Windsurfer Class Nats

Green Island Nationals 2018

July, 2019

Membership Lists by State
- New South Wales
- Queensland
- South Australia
- Tasmania
- Victoria
- Western Australia

Sail Numbers
It is rare that a member doesn't have an assigned sail number. When someone joins the AWA (via State Assoc membership), if they don’t already have a sail number, then one is automatically assigned. So, check the list before applying for a new number.

Also, around July 1st each year, we update the sail number CULL list. Sailors who are unfinancial for a few years, may lose the right to keep their sail number. more..

In addition to numbers on the cull list, the sail number register shows numbers where the Name = "*," and State = "---". They are are unassigned, and available for reissue.

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Windsurfer Class Australia

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