Australian Windsurfing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Setting up your own
Windsurfing training program/school

Q: I am tentatively making inquires, and seeking your  advice into the feasibility of setting up my own Windsurfing-training program. I have done a windsurfing instructors course, and the powerboat handlers course I have got my first aid as well. "have you any advice"

A: I don't want to seem negative but there have been a couple of guys who have tried doing what you are thinking about and found it very difficult. I would suggest you start by linking up with one of the shops and come to an arrangement with them that you could teach all their new customers who have just bought a board for the first time as an 'after sales service' or something similar.

Alternatively, you could speak to one of the established sailing schools and convince them that you're the one that could take over and manage their windsurfing instruction side of the business as distinct from sailing instruction generally. Perhaps a call to the Australian Yachting Federation would be in order. It is this Federation which controls the various State Associations' sailing and windsurfing schools. Other than this, I'm at a loss to be more helpful.

Good luck in your endeavours.

Job opportunities in the windsurfing and sailing area

Q: I am a qualified Senior Sailing instructor with advanced dinghy and keel boat certificates with the Irish Sailing Association. This is comparable to the Royal Yachting Association. My partner is the National Windsurfing Trainer here in Ireland and a level 5 Instructor in windsurfing.

We are hoping to travel to Australia and are currently looking for job opportunities in the windsurfing and sailing areas. If you have or know of any job vacancies could you please contact me with any information.

A: I'm under the impression that job opportunities in the windsurfing and sailing areas are hard to come by - especially with windsurfing. A lot depends on where you plan to visit while in Australia, when you plan to visit and how long you plan to stay. In the south, most sailing closes down for winter while in the north it runs year round. There are many well established sailing centres and schools scattered over most of the coastline cities and towns and I suggest you can best find out more about these via the internet.