Australian Windsurfing

Sail Number Registration Policy

Ownership of a sail number
The AWA controls the issue of Sail Numbers for all windsurfing in Australia.

A current list of registered numbers will be displayed on the “Australian Windsurfing” web site.

Members of AWA affiliated bodies have the right to a number at no cost.

Numbers will not be issued to non-members.

Non-members may lose the ownership of a number.

“KA” numbers will not be issued.
Only "AUS" numbers will be issued (26/06/2007)
Only "AUS" numbers will be listed in the register (30/03/2010)

Life ownership of a number is revoked.

Those wishing to keep a number will need to be financial with their state association (see Number Expiration – below).

Number Expiration

If a number registrant fails to appear on the “AWA member list” for 2 consecutive financial years (July-June), the number may be made available to someone else.

A person is added to the list when their state association provides information about financial members to AWA, during a financial year, and pays the appropriate fees.

A current list of registered members will be available on the “Australian Windsurfing” web site.

All non-AUS numbers are deemed to be expired (30/03/2010). non-AUS numbers will not appear in the Member List from 01/07/2010.

Applying for a number

Applicants must provide the following information

First Name - mandatory
Last Name – mandatory
Address - optional
State & Postcode - mandatory
A valid email address - mandatory

Please send sail number request via your State AWA representative


Preferred Sail Number Sequences
AUS + 0-9
AUS + 00-99
AUS + 000-999
2009 onwards changes as follows:
AUS + 0000-0999 (not available)
AUS + 1000-9999 available, although we prefer that you choose a shorter number

From 01/01/2009, a hyphen should be included between the country code and number (AUS-123), see Placement, Size and Color Rules. The hyphen should be taken into consideration when allowing room to place your numbers.

From 01/07/2013 all "lapsing/expired" 1 and 2-digit numbers (AUS-X or AUS-XX) will not be available for general reissue. This restriction may be waived in special circumstances ie. "representing Australian Windsurfing in international competition"

From 03/03/2015 no numbers reserved for Techno293. T293 sailors now need to be a member of an AWA affiliated body to chose a number. See "Ownership of a sail number" (above)