Australian Windsurfing

National Scheme
Public Liability Insurance

The Insured is the AWA, State Windsurfing Associations and Registered Clubs that are listed on the policy (other bodies may also be listed on the policy as interested parties ie. Local Councils). Your home insurance policy may also cover you for TPL and/or equipment damage. The Summary of Insurance document (click image below) is not the same a a copy of the Certificate of Currency. The CoC can be requested via your State AWA Rep.

Insurance Summary

Procedural Notes

The effectiveness of this Policy, particularly with regards to organised events, is seriously jeopardised when people who are not members of a body affiliated with AWA are allowed to participate. Should this happen, then by simply excluding these people from participation does not provide an acceptable solution especially when the people concerned are visiting international sailors or represent potential new members.

However, there is a simple answer to the problem. Participants who are not members will be afforded protection by the policy as long as they are granted 'honorary membership'. It is essential that this fact is recorded on the  membership register and the appropriate premium levy paid in due course. It is also essential that membership registers are maintained in such a fashion as to leave no doubt whatsoever as to a member's membership status in the event of a claim being made. Whether electing to collect the levy from those involved or pay it directly is a matter for the organisers to decide. It is also a matter organisers to decide whether 'honorary membership' applies only for the duration of the event involved. Obviously it is important not to create a situation whereby members come to regard 'honorary membership' as being a better financial proposition than ordinary membership. This would be discouraged and indeed membership benefits could be enhanced, if the non-members were charged the insurance levy for each and every time they participated in an event. Should this be the case, only one levy per non-member would be expected to be paid to the Insurance Company each year.

It is of the utmost importance and must be clearly understood by officials and those responsible for conducting regattas and other activities that by following these simple procedures the Insurance Scheme will provide the protection intended - by doing otherwise, this may not be the case.

For event eligibility, check your Membership Status. If your name is missing, check/complain to your State Association or AWA Rep. Like the sail number register, we will try to keep the list current.

Registered Clubs

To be registered, a sub-body of a State Association must have completed and supplied (annually) a copy of the following documents to their State Association:  (1) AWA Insurance Agreement, and (2) Club Events Calendar. Sample Risk Management Document.


Summary of Cover 2024/25

This is a $20mill. Public Liability Insurance policy.
The Australian Windsurfing Association (AWA), State Associations and their members have been listed as insured parties.

A club/group that is affiliated with a State Association is not automatically covered by the policy. Contact your State Rep to confirm insurance status for your club/group.