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The International Speed Windsurfing Class is the successor to the International Speedsurfing Association (2004-2007), which was administering the discipline of speed windsurfing on behalf of IFCA. Effective May 2007, the ISWC became an ISAF international class, and thus is entitled to control all aspects of the sport and award the official world champion titles in the discipline of speed windsurfing. The ISWC is a riders association, which means that the riders itself control the development of the sport. Beside the organizing people behind the scene, the executive committee is completed with the riders elected representatives. Its current and past members are the “crème de la crème” of Speedsurfing worldwide.

Speed sailing in Tasmania
Here are the current results of a GPS speed competition that has been running. Below, is a summary sheet, and the best track log results from each rider that has submitted an entry.
- Alistair Mills, Windsurfing Tasmania

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35.4knot Anthony Perkins
31.3knot Ian Murray
30.0knot Rob Gordon
28.2knot Dave Morehead
26.9knot Alistair Mills
23.2knot Stuart McKay

Results Summary

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Sail Numbers in Australia

The Australian Windsurfing Assoc. is recognised by the International Windsurfing Association (IWA), International Windsurfing Assoc's and Yachting Australia as the National Authority for issuing sail numbers for Australian Windsurfing classes/etc.

The “Sail Number Registration Policy” is available here...


Lake George Marathon
and Speed Trial

Beachport - South Australia

Sandy Point Speed
Sandy Point - Victoria

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