Australian Windsurfing

National & International Numbering

The question of three vs one letter national lettering systems has been raised by both competitors and associations. Here is the IBSA/IFCA Executive official position, agreed by the two international measurers, Peter England and Steven Schrier.

1. Nationally, the ISAF Funboard Racing Rules do not require national letters.

2. If the sailor puts a national letter on his sail, Appendix G specifies how it must be done including the 3 letter code. How national event organisers enforce this is a decision for national race committees.

3. G1.1 clearly states that national letters must be displayed at international events. That applies to events such as the North Sea Cup as well as World Championships.

4. Single letter National letters were dropped from the Funboard Racing Rules in 1999. Therefore, they no longer have any legitimacy.

5. The ISAF Executive has made it clear that they require all World Championships to be run with the current rules. As IFCA and IBSA have to apply each year for ISAF sanctioning of a World title championship, we would be ill advised to publish rules which do not comply with ISAF requirements.

6. The application of the rules at international events is the duty of the race committee and the jury. We cannot guarantee their leniency. Appendix G allows warnings to be given as well as penalties. That decision is the Jury's and not for the Executive of IBSA or IFCA.

The three letter system became law in 1993. All international competitors have been aware of it for many years. We have probably had the longest transition period of any sailing Class. International event scorers and recorders always have added work dealing with two systems. The public and the media are confused. Everyone understands the three letter system.

National associations will make life easier for all competitors and officials by enforcing the rules now.

Peter England & Steven Schrier For IBSA and IFCA.