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Sydney 2000 Olympics

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Women's Winners
gold Italy: Alessandra Sensini
silver Germany: Amelie Lux
bronze New Zealand: Barbara Kendall
    Australia: Jessica Crisp 5th

Men's Winners
gold Austria: Christoph Sieber
silver Argentina: Carlos Espinola
bronze New Zealand: Aaron McIntosh
     Australia: Lars Kleppich 4th

Whilst Australia has not yet won any Olympic medals in the Mistral Class, we have a former Men's World Champion - Lars Kleppich. Kleppich, who won the Bronze Medal in the Lechner Sailboard Class at the 1992 Olympics, won the World Title in November 1999, having returned to sailing full-time only twelve months beforehand.

Other Aussies to do well in the Mistral Class include Natasha Sturges, who won the 1992 World Championship and the Bronze Medal at the 1994 Mistral Worlds. Previously, Natasha had also won three consecutive Gold medals at the ISAF Youth World Championships in the Mistral class.